Rotate Video Easily and Fast with Step By Step

We can edit videos according to our needs. One way to edit videos is by rotate video, which is changing by rotating the video’s position. There are many ways that can be used to rotate the videos files, one of which is using video editor software.

The Purpose of Video Rotate

Sometimes the results of the video that we associate are upside down so when we see the video upside down. Therefore we need to Rotate the Videos to play the video so that it is positioned correctly and not upside down.

Benefits of Rotating Video layout

Some of the benefits you can get by rotating videos include:

  • Video is in the correct position and not upside down
  • Reverse the video position so that it is made upside down
  • Export the video to another format
  • Modify the video in the form of layout

The easy and fast way to Rotating any Videos

Following are the easy and quick steps to rotate the videos using Movavi Video Suite.

Movavi video suite is a multi-function video editor software that has various video editing software features including: video editing, video conversion, computer screen record, video capture from camera, VHS, TV, split video, watch video.

Of the many features available in Movavi Video Suite, which we will use to rotate the videos is Movavi Video Editor.

Steps to Rotate the Videos quickly and easily with Movavi Video Editor

  • Download or Install Movavi Video Suite (Movavi Video Editor)
  • Run the Movavi Video Suite program

rotate video movavi video edit

  • Select the Edit Video menu
  • Add Video Files
  • After the Video Files are entered in the media editor, click the Rotate toolbar button
  • Select the desired rotation
  • Export and save videos
  • Done

See Step by Step Rotating Video using Movavi Video Suite

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It is no secret, that there are many video editor software besides Movavi Video Editor. You are both free and paid, both the default operating system or install itself. You look for it through search engines like Google, Yahoo or other search engines.

Thus tips and ways to easily and quickly Rotate the Video by using Movavi Video Suite (Movavi Video Editor Software.

May be useful. If there are tips or questions about rotate the video files, please provide comments in the comments column below.

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