How to Create, Burn DVD Video

DVD Video is the video format used for storing video on a DVD disc. You can burn and also create a DVD video yourself easily and quickly that contain a collection of your own videos such as your wedding video, video specific event in your office and in the movies of your work into a DVD disc.

To be able to burn and create your own DVDs video easily and quickly you can use DVD creator software application. Here is how to create a DVD Video using Xilisoft DVD Creator software. You can buy Xilisoft DVD Creator software or download a trial version at the Xilisoft DVD Creator webpage.

To make, create and burn a DVD video from video or audio file, a few things you need to prepare are as follows:

  • Video and audio files, you want to burn into a DVD disc to be made into a DVD Video
  • Software DVD Creator. In the step by step to creating, burn DVD video are using Xilisoft DVD Creator
  • The blank DVD discs
Step by step how to create and burn a DVD Video with Xilisoft DVD Creator:
  • Download or buy software Xilisoft DVD Creator
  • Install Xilisoft DVD Creator on your computer or laptop
  • Run Xilisoft DVD Creator
  • File> Add Video File (s) … / Add Video Folder …
  • Select and choose your videos
  • Perform the videos you choose
  • Insert your blank DVD into your DVD-RW hardware
  • Make the settings according to your wishes on the following options: destination, volume label, writing speed, type of your DVD disks, DVD Settings, Video Quality, Mode TV Standard (NTSC, PAL) and aspect ratio
  • Click the Burn button
  • Wait until the burning process is complete
  • Finish
Xilisoft DVD Creator has a wide range of full feature in the manufacture of DVD Video. Here are some features of Xilisoft DVD Creator:
  • The video audio files are supported is:
  • 3GPP Files (* .3gp)
  • 36PP2 Files (* .3g2)
  • Advanced Systems Format files (* .asf)
  • Audio Video Interleave File (* .avi)
  • AVCHD (* .mts; * .m2ts)
  • Audio-Video Interleaved HD Video (* .avi)
  • Digital Video Files (* .dv)
  • DVD Video Files (* .vob)
  • Flash Video Format ( flv)
  • H.264 / MPEG4 AVC Video (* .m2ts; * .mts)
  • JVC Recorded Video File (* MOD)
  • Matroska Video (* .mkv)
  • Microsoft Digital Video Recording (* .dvr-ms)
  • MPEG Video Files (* .mpg; * .mpeg; * .m2v; * .dat; * .vob) MPEG2 HD Video (* .mpg; * .mpeg)
  • HD MPEG4 Video (* .mp4)
  • MPEG4 TS HD Video (* .ts)
  • MPEG-4 Video Files (* .mp4; * .m4v)
  • Raw h264 Video Files (* .h264)
  • Nullsoft stream video (*. NSV)
  • Quick Time Files (* .mov)
  • Quick Time HD Video (* .mov)
  • Real Media Files (* .rm; * .rmvb)
  • VCD Video File (* .dat)
  • Video Transport Stream File (* .ts)
  • VOB HD Video (* .vob)
  • Windows Media Video files (* .wmv)
Thus, the above files can be burned onto a DVD Video or DVD .iso file.

Quick and easy way to be able to make, create and burn a DVD video into DVD disc or you can save it in the form of DVD iso file using the Xilisoft DVD creator software.

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