Backup and Recover Your Data On Usb Flash When File on Usb are Visible

Sometime because attacking from virus or something happen to Usb flash, there are no files on usb visible. It’s mean nothing file are visible on usb flash but in fact on properties drive usb drive shown that some space on usb flash are contained file, like shown below picture.

Are you confused, if your data has been gone?. Don’t be panic, because your usb flash drive just only need to be formatted, according to the suggestion from the website. But, before format your usb flash, you should recovery any data on your flash using some recovery data software. There are many much recovery data software over the world and you can download to try software or buy it online from vendor and use it convenient for long time according to the license of software.

According to the one of the software reviews that discuss about TopTen review software especially about 2009 Data Recovery Software Product Comparisons. For giving rate to each software are based on some category, including Feature Set, easy of use, effectiveness of recovery, search capability, help and documentation, features set of software, drive supported, recovered files from, file system supported, and others category of each software.
Here is the rank from the top level:
If you have one or more Usb flash within trouble like in this case, and many much important files for own bussiness or for your organization, so why you don’t recover ir before flashing or formating the drives.

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